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Emily Ross

Author Picture Emily Ross is the Deputy Director of UN Relations and Special Initiatives at the United Nations Foundation, a public charity created with entrepreneur and philanthropist Ted Turnernull;s historic $1 billion gift to support the United Nations.null; In this capacity, Emily manages the UN Foundationnull;s relationships with the United Nations and helps to guide the ways in which the Foundation engages in the UNnull;s work.null; Emily has extensive experience researching UN issues, structures and dynamics, and tracking United States policy to the UN on priorities such as UN management, reform and human rights.null; Prior to working at the UN Foundation, Emily earned her Masternull;s degree in International Relations at Kingnull;s College London, where she wrote her dissertation on post-Cold War UN peace operations.null; Emily received her undergraduate degree from Providence College, where she majored in Political Science and spent semesters in London and Washington, D.C., focusing on Eastern European politics and U.S. foreign policy. Fun Fact: Emilynull;s favorite hobby is waterskiing.

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Author Picture By - May 28, 2013